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One of the most beautiful detours in France

villasse Located in the Haut-Vaucluse region, near the main motorway running through the Rhône area and the cities it serves, Vaison-la-Romaine is lucky enough to be situated between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

The town lies at the foot of Mont Ventoux, the “giant of Provence” (altitude : 1912 m) and enjoys a Mediterranean climate, covering 2700 hectares in the heart of lush, fertile countryside, excellent for a mellow lifestyle. Both the town and the surrounding area offer a rich variety of landscapes, colours and tree species whose very names have a wonderful “South of France” aroma to them.

fontaine Vaison-la-Romaine is recognised as one of the Plus Beaux Détours de France and owes its reputation to its heritage. The evidence of its prestigious past heavily influences the modern-day town, which reveals remnants of the ancient Vasio Vocontiorum, the capital of the Voconce people.
The town and its medieval churches complete this panorama where history complements the lifestyle enjoyed by the inhabitants – and they certainly know how to enjoy life around here.
The modern era has been enhanced by the “Jardin des Neuf Damoiselles” (Garden of the Nine Damsels), an original work by the sculptors Fabienne Versé and Serge Boÿer, made up of engraved monoliths, laid out at the entrance to the Town in the form of a poetic, contemplative garden.
With its shady spots under plane trees, its cool fountains, its busy streets, its welcoming terraces with cafes and restaurants and, of course, its superb market with all the many typical smells and colours of the South of France, Vaison-la-Romaine has all the charm of a genuine Provençal town.

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