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European choral town

spectacle The Town brings all the romanticism of the “old buildings” and the artistic energy which has earned it the title of “European choral town” together in one place.
So, every three years, the Town has resounded with the voices of the choristers who come to take part in the “Choralies” (Choral Festival).

choralies The Choralies has been bringing together more than 4000 choristers and musicians from all over the world who belong to the A Cœur Joie (Joyful Heart) movement at each event since 1953.
For around ten days it becomes a genuine town of song : there is a whole succession of special evening events held at the ancient theatre, singing workshops and impromptu concerts on the café terraces, and they all take place in an incredible atmosphere.

Throughout the year, there is further evidence of Vaison-la-Romaine’s vocation as a choral town with the Chœur Européen (European Choir) and its 80 choristers of 7 nationalities, and its Chœurs lauréats (Children’s Choir) festival.

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